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Na­tion­al IMI Co­or­di­na­tor - NIM­IC

The In­ter­nal Mar­ket In­for­ma­tion Sys­tem (IMI) was de­vel­oped by the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion in part­ner­ship with the Mem­ber States in or­der to in­crease the ef­fi­cien­cy and ef­fi­ca­cy of the Eu­ro­pean ad­min­is­tra­tive co­op­er­a­tion in the day-to-day im­ple­men­ta­tion of the In­ter­nal Mar­ket leg­is­la­tion.

IMI al­lows na­tion­al, re­gion­al and lo­cal au­thor­i­ties to com­mu­ni­cate quick­ly and eas­i­ly with their coun­ter­parts in the EU Mem­ber States, as well as in Nor­way, Ice­land and Liecht­en­stein be­ing mem­bers of the Eu­ro­pean Eco­nom­ic Area (EEA).

IMI is a se­cure and mul­ti­lin­gual on­line ap­pli­ca­tion that fa­cil­i­tates the ex­change of in­for­ma­tion be­tween the pub­lic au­thor­i­ties across the EEA. It helps to over­come ad­min­is­tra­tive bar­ri­ers in day-to-day ad­min­is­tra­tive prac­tice, such as dif­fer­ent ad­min­is­tra­tive and work­ing cul­tures, dif-fer­ent lan­guages and the lack of clear­ly iden­ti­fied part­ners in oth­er Mem­ber States. As a mul-tilin­gual tool IMI helps to over­come lin­guis­tic bar­ri­ers. A pre-trans­lat­ed set of stan­dard ques-tions and an­swers al­lows the us­er to cre­ate in­for­ma­tion re­quests in own na­tion­al lan­guage. Con­verse­ly, the re­spond­ing au­thor­i­ty sees the re­quest in its own na­tion­al lan­guage. In ad­di-tion, the IMI con­tains an au­to­mat­ic trans­la­tion pro­gram.

Run­ning since 2008, IMI links more than 7,800 pub­lic au­thor­i­ties and is avail­able in all EU lan­guages, with­out gen­er­at­ing any ex­tra IT costs for the Mem­ber States.

In Ger­many, the es­tab­lish­ment of IMI con­sti­tutes a ma­jor chal­lenge due to the fed­er­al struc­ture, be­cause many dif­fer­ent au­thor­i­ties at fed­er­al, re­gion­al and mu­nic­i­pal lev­el must be in-volved. For the overview of the Ger­man IMI struc­ture please click here.

The na­tion­al IMI co­or­di­na­tor (NIM­IC) for Ger­many works at the Fed­er­al Of­fice of Ad­min­is­tra­tion. The NIM­IC, as na­tion­al helpdesk for con­tent and or­ga­ni­za­tion­al is­sues, as­sists the fed­er­al au­thor­i­ties and IMI co­or­di­na­tors of the dif­fer­ent Bun­deslän­der (fed­er­al states / re­gion­al lev­el) in all mat­ters re­lat­ed to IMI as well as by or­ga­niz­ing train­ing and in­for­ma­tion ses­sions. For the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion, the NIM­IC is the cen­tral con­tact per­son for Ger­many who pro­vides the Län­der­co­or­di­na­tors (fed­er­al states co­or­di­na­tors) with in­for­ma­tion from the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion and for­wards feed­back, e.g. sug­ges­tions for im­prove­ment of the sys­tem, to the lat­ter.

IMI was de­signed as a gener­ic so­lu­tion that can eas­i­ly be adapt­ed to sup­port in­for­ma­tion ex-changes in dif­fer­ent pol­i­cy ar­eas. In Febru­ary 2008, IMI went first on­line and has since then been used as a tool to help com­pe­tent au­thor­i­ties ful­fil their obli­ga­tions un­der:

  • Pro­fes­sion­al Qual­i­fi­ca­tions Di­rec­tive (2005/36/EC amend­ed by 2013/55/EU),
  • EPC and PQ Alerts (2013/55/EU),
  • Ser­vices Di­rec­tive (2006/123/EC) and De­ci­sion (2009/739/EC),
  • No­ti­fi­ca­tions un­der the e-com­merce Di­rec­tive (Ar­ti­cle 3 of Di­rec­tive 2000/31/EC) on a pi­lot ba­sis,
  • Post­ing of Work­ers Di­rec­tive (96/71/EC and 2014/67/EU),
  • Eu­ro Cash-In-Tran­sit Reg­u­la­tion (1214/2011/EU),
  • Pa­tients’ Rights Di­rec­tive (2011/24/EU),
  • SOLVIT Rec­om­men­da­tion (2013/461/EU),
  • Re­turn of Cul­tur­al Ob­jects Di­rec­tive (2014/60/EU),

On 4th De­cem­ber 2012 the IMI-Reg­u­la­tion (1024/2012/EU) en­tered in­to force. The reg­u­la­tion cre­ates a com­pre­hen­sive le­gal ba­sis for the use of IMI and al­so paves the way for ex­pan­sion of IMI to fur­ther reg­u­la­to­ry ar­eas. For ex­am­ple, from 2014 on­wards, IMI is ap­plied to a pi­lot in:

  • Train Driv­ing Li­cens­es im­ple­ment­ing de­ci­sion (2014/89/EU)
  • Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment Di­rec­tives (2014/24/EU and 2014/25/EU)

Fu­ture ar­eas of ad­min­is­tra­tive co­op­er­a­tion in IMI:

  • Non Road Mo­bile Ma­chin­ery Reg­u­la­tion (2016/1628/EU)
  • Pub­lic Doc­u­ments Reg­u­la­tion (2016/1191/EU)

IMI is there­fore a hor­i­zon­tal tool sup­port­ing 34 ad­min­is­tra­tive co­op­er­a­tion pro­ce­dures in 11 (in the fu­ture 13) pol­i­cy ar­eas and has a huge po­ten­tial to grow steadi­ly.

A large amount of de­tailed in­for­ma­tion on the In­ter­nal Mar­ket In­for­ma­tion Sys­tem is avail­able on the IMI web­site of the European Commission.




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